Antique mirrors


Vintage mirrors

ENG. Making mirrors is a very delicate job that requires professional skill, great responsibility and high precision. It is not so easy to buy a vintage mirror in a frame that would meet all your wishes even in Kiev. The technology for the production of antique mirrors has been known for a long time, but modern living conditions have made their own changes. Currently, artificially created “antique” mirrors are at their peak of popularity, and the demand for them is constantly growing. There is a prejudice that it is not recommended to have a mirror with damaged amalgam in your home. Perhaps this is correct in relation to old mirrors, although antiquaries may object. Obviously, this does not apply to artificially aged mirrors. SEAPS provides all buyers with a huge selection of artificially aged mirrors, which are made of high quality materials and processed by experienced professionals.

The technology of creating aged mirrors in Kiev.

When the amalgam breaks down, natural aging of the mirror surface occurs. The main technologies for the manufacture of artificially aged mirrors are:

  • Etching with chemical reagents.
  • Printing in the form of a pattern from a thin layer of amalgam.

Designer handmade.

This type of decor, which is harmoniously combined with the rest of the interior items, will surely attract attention and, with the right approach to the design of the space, can completely transform the room. The mirror, which has been aged with the help of chemical reagents, looks very attractive and original.  This method creates exquisite aged mirrors while retaining the original ability to reflect objects. This type is used in all kinds of mirrors, original stained-glass windows and in various pieces of furniture.  The paint for protection is selected accordingly.

Antique mramor mirror. 

The next way is the classic eglomise.  Such mirrors are made from the thinnest sheets of gold leaf, creating the effect of coating with silver or gold. This method is completely based on manual labor and can be used both for creating independent products and for decorating panels.  This item is exclusive and creates a romantic atmosphere with a touch of antiquity.

Custom-made mirrors

SEAPS offers its customers to order an aged mirror made in various styles.  Antique Italian mirrors are a unique kind of antique mirrors. Each mirror is completely different from the other, so it is impossible to create two absolutely identical instances.  Moreover, even their style may differ. It is important to take into account that the production technology of such mirrors is complex and time consuming, therefore such products are expensive, but their appearance and aesthetic value are much higher than the real price. The website of our company offers a wide selection of aged mirrors in various colors at the most reasonable prices, made in accordance with the latest technologies.  If you wish, you can independently or with the help of specialists buy a large-size mirror, curved glass, framed mirror, figured mirror, as well as order glass cutting according to the specified dimensions. We are interested in the product being ideally combined with the surrounding interior, safe and lasting as long as possible.

Important advantages of our mirror store in Kiev

Our company SEAPS offers a variety of aged mirrors, which each client can familiarize themselves with their unique design of the mirror.  The advantages of working with us are:

  1. Possibility to order different brightness and aging depth.
  2. Various colors of the main canvas: silver, bronze, gray, green, blue.
  3. Develop an individual version of the aging of the mirror in certain places.
  4. Choose the thickness of the mirror cloths you like on your own.
  5. Buy an aged mirror with a blurry watercolor reflection.
  6. We have in stock: sheet mirror, sheet glass, aluminum mirror and all the necessary accessories.
  7. Our experts are always ready to give valuable advice and advice on how to make a frame for a mirror original and unique.
  8. We carry out the installation and installation of mirrors.

9.You also can order commercial equipment for the store.

In this case, aged mirrors of various shapes and shades are universal and allow you to use them in various interiors in accordance with the chosen style of the room. The ability to implement different shapes of mirrors allows you to use them in a classic style as harmoniously as in a modern style.


ENG. Every day, thanks to the development of the latest technologies, mirrors of various shapes, sizes and colors are produced, but despite this, it is necessary to be able to distinguish a high-quality mirror.  SEAPS manufactures and markets aged decorative mirrors using a chemical etching method.  Thanks to modern capabilities, each product becomes unique and is made in accordance with an individual order.

The company’s craftsmen have gained invaluable experience in aging mirrors, so all work is performed at the highest level and visually quite realistically resembles antique mirrors, samples of which can be seen in the photo.  Each client can independently choose the placement of aging elements on the mirror.  It is always possible to purchase the specific type of vintage mirrors that the client likes the most.

Advantages of antique mirrors

The question often arises as to why many mirrors suffer from corrosion during operation.  The fact is that the back of the mirror had absolutely no coating, so the amalgam was completely open and exposed to atmospheric influences.  Moisture easily penetrated inside, fungus, mold and corrosion appeared.  The corners of the web, its lower part, as well as places of direct penetration of steam and moisture are especially vulnerable.  When choosing antique mirrors, first from the photo, and then looking at them closer, it is important to make sure of their quality.  The undoubted advantages are:

  • Availability of a document that describes the materials used in the process of making the mirror. This document must be present.
  • The thickness of the glass is more than 3 mm: the larger it is, the higher the quality is considered.
  • Perfectly smooth surface.
  • Several layers of coating on the back of the product.
  • Silver microfilm is the ideal coating for mirrors.

Our company offers various types of mirrors

Each buyer can easily choose which of the offered types of mirrors suits his interior and taste preferences best: Classic, Natural, Mramor, Color, Figur, Verona, Spilled, Scratch, Marmolito, 5 element L’Italiano, Individual.  Aged mirrors have several basic types.

Aged mirror SEAPS Old mirror Classic fully realistically embodies the classic look of a natural old mirror.  This effect is possible by using two or more technologies for performing mirror aging together.  Often the cost of this type of mirrors is slightly higher than that of those that use only one aging effect. Small and large hallway mirrors can be ordered with maximum aging, medium aging and minimum aging.  The quality of the finished product does not depend on the thickness of the glass and the shades used.  Such mirrors look great in a baguette in the interior, you can see them closer in the photo.  Aged mirror SEAPS Old mirror Mramor is more decorative than the previous one.

Mirror “antique” SEAPS Old mirror Color – when working on this type, only one aging method is used.  A photo of large mirrors for the hallway will allow you to better familiarize yourself with the product.

Aged mirror SEAPS Old mirror Figur Décor – this type allows you to display a pattern that will repeat the structure of materials and harmonize perfectly with them.  The size and shape of the mirrors does not matter either, as you can see in the photo.

Currently, large mirrors in the interior, facetted mirrors, curly mirrors, acrylic mirrors are very popular.

Glass assortment in SEAPS

The types and sizes of glass directly depend on their further use.  If it is important that as much light as possible gets in, then preference is given to transparent specimens.  Frosted glass is indispensable if you need to darken the space, protect the room from prying eyes and just for additional decor and aesthetics.  Showcases, partitions, building elements must be made of tempered glass, because strength in this case takes the leading place.  Decorative glass is ideal for original and unusual decoration of any premises.  On the website of our company, a photo of glass is provided, which is available and on order.

Thus, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time looking for the required type of glass or mirrors, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the information of interest and study the photos on our website in order to get a charge of positive emotions and make the right choice.