Our projects

ENG. Despite the fact that glass and glass structures have been very popular in recent years, it can be difficult to purchase such a product that will meet all the specified parameter’s .

Our company has been specializing in the creation of glass cloths and mirrors since the beginning of its activity, we are trying to develop and expand the range.Thanks to the well-coordinated work of our employees, we have become one of the leading nowadays companies with global coverage, gained invaluable experience that allows us to fulfill all orders at the highest level. We offer our clients goods of exceptionally high quality, provide advice and help to create original decor elements as accurately as possible, depicting unique patterns and designs on glass. Improved product quality is a prerequisite for cooperation with both legal entities and individuals.  The production process keeps up with the times and is gradually changing, the craftsmen are constantly improving their qualifications and creating real masterpieces.

Features of our company

Mirrors are an integral part of the interior of every room, regardless of its purpose and style.  Since ancient times, mirror canvases have attracted attention, and a well-chosen frame made it possible to produce a greater effect and add a special decor, becoming unique zest. The company’s projects are aimed at achieving the set goals and solving non-standard tasks.  We take part in testing and introducing new technologies, increasing and modernizing equipment.  A significant advantage of SEAPS over other companies is the unlimited possibilities of our specialists, because along with classical types of mirrors, we offer our clients unique pieces: aged, marbled, with gold leaf and many others.

Mirrors and moldings of various shapes, all sizes and various style features will allow each customer to choose their ideal option, and our designers, if necessary, are ready to help make the right choice.  You can see photos on the company’s website to appreciate the professionalism of the craftsmen.

Benefits of ordering products from the manufacturer

Our company values   the comfort and personal time of each client, therefore, accuracy, attentiveness and punctuality are always in the first place.  Important advantages of our cooperation are:

  • Large selection of materials.
  • Registration of an individual order.
  • Exceptionally quality materials.
  • Safe delivery.
  • Wide range of models available.
  • Optimal prices and no additional margins.

In order to place an order, it is enough to leave a request on the website or call the specified phone number.  The order fulfillment process is as follows:

  1. Accurate determination of the type, shape and size of the mirror.
  2. A template is prepared for non-standard instances.
  3. Execution of the order on time.
  4. Installation of this mirror on site.

Thus, when choosing a mirror for an apartment or office, it is very important to trust a trusted, competent company, contacting which you can always be sure of the correct approach and a good attitude to any requests and wishes.  SEAPS projects are brought to life thanks to the creative potential of a friendly team of specialists and customer support, who help to gain experience and find new solutions to tasks.